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August 31, 2013
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easy by mintyfreshmangos easy by mintyfreshmangos
So this is my throw in for the contest thingy. ;v; I wanted to render it out more but then I remembered I hate rendering. XD And now we are here. Yaaayyy. I'm kinda thinking about this contest theme and I think it's hard to place. Yeahhh, so I'm sure a chunk of you had heard me complain about not understanding Aiden, MY OWN CHARACTER, before. ;v; The contest is kinda like an excuse for me to think about Aiden some more. XD

Most of my main characters run a blurred line between good and bad. Even though sometimes Aiden is quite unlikable, he is mostly a good person. Well, at least he acts very much like one and plays one in #The-Accession-Epoch

But I think it's all down to will power. It's so easy to turn.

After Aiden became the rebel leader in his home world, he was presented with the offer to lead his group into a trap in return for,, more power. He had turned it down before, but it's not like it was easy.

As a child and a teenager, Aiden was rather selfish....and learning to be selfless was incredibly hard for him. He had to lose his family, friends, a lot, in order to fully realize there are greater things of value than himself, more important issues than his own. And during learning period, I'm sure it would be so easy for him to lead his allies off a cliff for his own benefit. Aiden had enough charisma and apathy at that point to pull it off. And the funny thing is that nothing would really change about his current position if he did so.
Aiden would have found a way to turn the story to how he took down the rebels, become celebrated by his people for his 'brave' deed, offered a high political role in which he would turn down to pursue the leadership position for Inner-World Relationships (a lower role politically but one with a much greater potential for power), all under the guise of peacekeeping.

Nothing would really change in his actions. Only the intent. This RP clip, which was at the time was sincere, changes in meaning. If he was not 'good' then this was Aiden manipulating others to join his side and at the same time, reinforcing loyalty in his members. Cold and calculating every step of the way. This was always a path that Aiden could have took, the option was always there, and still is.

Thank god he has friends who would prevent him from doing something so heartless.

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Blackmoonfalls Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Caboose1994 Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
So pretty ^_^
Thank you so much, Caboose! <33
Youkai-Meimi Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
oAo tell me more about this contest!! *wants to try and join*
It actually ended like a few hours after I posted this, Meeiimiii. ;v; jdfklsajd But the premise of the contest is basically to pick an OC and have them change sides and explore that. OvO It's an interesting concept! 
afjsdkfdhfjk THANK YOU ELEEEEEEE! ;v; You so awesome~ *pours colors all over you tooooo* <333
No You.

*drowns in the beautiful colors*
imaginarycolor Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
holycrap thats beautiful. Love the bright blues, but I'm a sucker for blue. 
faskjdfd Thank you Kenz! ;v; I find that I'm always leaning towards bright blues and yellows. XD I'm glad ya like it thos~ OvO *covers you in that blue*
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